Womens Shoes

velvet high heelsShoes are a very important part of your overall wardrobe and look. By adding a few simple shoes to your wardrobe, you can look polished and in-style all year round.

The trends for this year, surprisingly, are turning away from platforms, and, instead, going in the directions discussed below. Be sure to read this article to get the scoop on the biggest trends in womens shoes this year:

Voluptuous Velvet

Velvet is one of the most popular materials for any and all types of womens shoes this year. You will find velvet covered stilettos, booties, flats, and more.

Purchase velvet shoes in deep reds, citrus shades, chocolate browns, and black to have a pair to go with every outfit. You may also want to purchase various heights of heels (pumps, kitten heels, ballet flats, and stilettos are huge hits this year on the runway) to be prepared for any event you may be attending.

These shoes are great for winter and autumn, though they also seem to be trendy for warmer months this year.

Sandals for Summer

Sandals are back and here to stay for the spring and summer of this year. One of the biggest sandal trends is that of gladiator shoes and sandal booties. Yes, sandal booties!

These hot little numbers go perfectly with shorts, jeans, maxi and midi skirts or dresses, and are great for casual wear, the club, or a meeting at the office. Choose them in leather or Womens Shoes15leather imitations (as these prove to be huge hits this year), and in several neutral shades, flesh tones, and bright pastels or neon clothing.

These will look fantastic whether you are opting to wear this summer’s trends of floral prints, denim, leather, black and white, retro styles, or even bright prints.

Booties All Year Round

Not only are sandal booties great for this summer, but ankle boots will also be a big trend again this year for womens shoes in autumn and winter.

Boots add warmth, comfort, and style to any outfit, no matter how casual. Look for velvet covered boots for a fashion bonus! You will also want to purchase boots in a variety of heel heights for fashion, comfort, and to be appropriate for any event.

Pair boots with jeans, skirts and leggings, hosiery, or tights, and even dresses that have been layered with vests, jackets, blazers, scarves, or cardigans for added warmth.